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Educational Technology Lab: This Lab includes audio, video, teaching aids like Television, DVD Player, Projector, Tape Recorder, Computer, OHP etc.

Psycho Lab: This Lab consists all tests, attitude skills, personality measurement test, and intelligence measurement test in form of objective and subjective which help the candidate to improve their teacher aptitude.

Computer Lab: This Lab is fully equipped with 50 latest computers and soft wares.

Bio Lab: This Lab is fully equipped with biometric equipments. Students are also encouraged for making bio models and projects. It helps them to understand and explore the topic in depth to others.

Chemistry Lab: Chemistry lab introduces the fundamental principles of chemistry, covering the nature, structure, and properties of the atom, chemical bonding, geometry of molecules, the periodic table, states of matter and solution chemistry. This Lab consists different chemicals and all safety measures for conducting experiments.

Language Lab: Study materials production, including the production of audio- visual materials is an important activity among the faculty staff. The language labs of the college with the facilities for audio and video recordings and educational software products are very useful.

Physics Lab: Students complete through Pre-lab Exercise: These exercises are embedded within each lab procedure and are due at the beginning of each lab. Experimental Data and Lab Write-up Each student will submit an electronic copy of their experimental data and in-lab questions by the end of the lab session.